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The ABADE Program has three components which are working with the private sector to strengthen the productivity of enterprises for sustained growth and job creation. The Program also works with government institutions and private sector stakeholders to improve Afghanistan’s business climate.

Component 1: Public-Private Alliances

SME Alliances: ABADE makes awards to existing, productive SMEs, consortia or joint ventures through a competitive application process to mitigate business expansion risks, encourage private investment, and expand markets.

Innovation Alliances: ABADE establishes public-private alliances to stimulate private-sector-led development and investment through innovation-focused sub-awards, targeting investments that offer non-traditional business approaches to creating: economic stability in the form of job creation and income enhancement; economic growth with a focus on jobs; workforce development through vocational-technical training, particularly of youth; promotion of the role of women; and the use of science and technology in enhancing Afghanistan’s development.

Component 2: Technical Assistance and Business Advisory Services

ABADE provides technical assistance for sub-award recipients and program stakeholders to improve their operations and management, and to solve technical issues related to market access, production, access to finance, and achievement of quality standards.

Component 3: Business Enabling Environment

ABADE works to improve the business climate by addressing specific regulatory and procedural barriers that affect the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises. This may include assessments and analytical studies driven by the sub-award applicants, as well as support for relevant ministries by drafting policy memoranda and regulatory guidelines for specific industries.